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At Novus Realty, we start every month strong with a meeting on different topics that are relevant to our current work load. For October, Emiliano Reynoso lead the meeting and the topic selected was Rental Procedures. It is very important for all agents and lessees to be aware of the procedures when they are interested in renting a property. It was great to see some of our agents get together to share different experiences that can help each other avoid future delays when renting a property.

As a lessee, some of the key points to keep in mind is that a lessor is looking for a solid, reliable tenant. This means they will check your credit in order to make sure you do not have prior evictions or things of that nature. Proof of employment is also vital when submitting an application.

For the most part, it has become a rule of thumb to ask for First month, Last month and Security Deposit. Timing can be tricky since you don’t want to start looking too early or too late, but it is always a good idea to start searching for your new home about 6 weeks prior to your estimated moving day since some locations have a Homeowner’s Association or HOA approval process.

For HOA approval, you can expect to send proof of employment , letter of recommendations and a background check. This is usually a standard process to confirm the character of the person applying to reside within their community.

Other key things to keep in mind is to ask about pet policies if it applies to you, assigned parking, guest parking, and commercial vehicles if it applies to you. It is of utmost important to always keep an open communication with you Agent so that they can better help you find the most suitable home for you and your family.

Novus Realty has a great team of over 50 qualified agents that can assist you every step of the way until you find the perfect home you are looking for call us today!

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