New year, new meetings, new projects


As we welcome 2017 into our lives, it is a perfect time to set up all the new goals and activities that we will follow through in the following months. Great things are coming in 2017 and we are more than ready for them and much more!

This new year is full of new project presentations that we will share with you along the way. More monthly meetings with our agents for everyone to keep up to date with the latest trends. In addition, we have several expos and career fairs that we will be attending in 2017.

One of the new best things, has been the migration of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) into our website. This tool is a great addition for our clients to be able to look at REAL TIME market listings right from our website! No more wasting time on real estate websites that are filled with old, inactive listings that make you waste your valuable time.

New and exciting things are up on our website with the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. This offers our customers the most efficient tool that realtors have under their sleeve to see REAL TIME market changes and updates to all listings that are being sold and or rented. Studies show that most of us start our search for properties on the internet. Most of these websites available are not updated on a regular basis and can end up in a waste of time for agents and customers since most of the properties have already been rented or sold. We encourage you to check it out and give us any feedback or opinions.



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