Matrix Training

Throughout the years, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has been changing platforms from time to time. The MLS is funded by licensed realtors in order to have a common place where they can assist their clients buy or sell property.

Using the MLS system is a great way to maximize exposure and get the best opportunities for a fast and easy purchase or sell. It is considered the most efficient way to market your property according to Real Estate agents and that is why most of them are associated with the MLS that is available in their area.

Up until now, most agents have been using Fusion platform to log into the MLS system. This platform will soon be eliminated and a new one, Matrix will be taking place.

It was our pleasure to have Kamera McGriff, an MLS specialist from the Greater Association of Realtors come to give us a full training on the new platform. All of us create habits that are sometimes hard to fix.

Kamera’s presentation made it easier to understand the new system and the feedback that was received from the realtors was that it may even be more user friendly than Fusion. It is important to note that all of these agents were dreading the transfer since they were already comfortable with the Fusion MLS, this was very nice to hear.

The agents now feel confident with the new system iFusion, which will make it a breeze to give our customers the best service they deserve. At Novus our main focus is always the customer. Each transaction is unique and the knowledge of the systems makes us aware of all the procedures and steps that must be taken with each transaction.

Thank you to all the agents that strive to provide the best service to their clients and Kamera from the Greater Association of Fort Lauderdale for the great training.

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